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  • TJ Johnson smiles as he poses for portraits with his lawyer, Abigail Adkins, at a park near his home in Gainesville, Fla. Adkins fought for Alachua County Public Schools to better accommodate TJ in the classroom. (Photo by Chasity Maynard)

    Foundation grantee advocates for rights of children with disabilities

    What started as playing in the pool with his siblings on Memorial Day turned into a life-altering emergency room trip for two-year-old TJ Johnson. After getting accidentally bumped in the head, TJ’s eye began to wander, and he was rushed to the emergency room. There, doctors found a craniopharyngioma –

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  • Connie Bookman

    President’s Message – Spring 2022

    Foundation executive director Donny MacKenzie and I talk for an hour and a half every Thursday morning. I always leave those calls with a sense of awe in how he is directing the Foundation and utilizing the talent of his staff and board of directors. Those calls are also a

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  • Summer Roberts, IOTA Distribution and Reporting Manager

    As the IOTA Distribution and Reporting Manager, Summer Roberts assists in ensuring the Foundation’s compliance with Rule 5-1.1(g) of the Rules Regulating the Florida Bar (the IOTA rule). She also coordinates and oversees IOTA funds distributions and grantee performances and make recommendations relating to the Foundation’s Fair Distribution Plan and

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  • Foundation is recipient of cy pres award for $57,000

    The Florida Bar Foundation received a cy pres award of $57,588.08 in January. Robert W. Murphy of The Murphy Law Firm in Ft. Lauderdale facilitated the donation. Under cy pres, courts can approve a charitable donation out of unclaimed class action funds or a direct grant in lieu of damages

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  • Miami Law is 2022 Florida Pro Bono Law School Challenge MVP

    The Florida Bar Foundation announced the winners of the 2022 Florida Pro Bono Law School Challenge in April. The University of Miami School of Law won the MVP Pro Bono Award for matching the most students with its own alumni. For the second year in a row, Barry University Dwayne

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