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    Southern Legal Counsel forces change in policy of denying indigent litigants filing fee waivers

    by Jennifer Etienne When Gainesville-based Southern Legal Counsel (SLC) took as clients of a group of homeless people arrested for being in a St. Petersburg park after closing time, they ended up securing access to the courts not only for their clients, but for all civil litigants who can’t afford

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    Message from the President

    At its June 16th meeting, the Foundation’s board passed a resolution to position itself as “a strategic leader and catalyst in the cause of increased access to justice for all” with the primary goal of serving as “an agent of rapid, effective and high-impact change.” The board also established a

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    Coleman, Kowalski receive President’s Award for Excellence

    Florida Bar Past President Gregory W. Coleman and Jacksonville Area Legal Aid President and CEO James A. Kowalski Jr. received the Foundation’s 2016 President’s Award for Excellence. Foundation President Donny MacKenzie, who has served with both recipients on the Florida Commission on Access to Civil Justice, selected Coleman and Kowalski

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    Lynn Drysdale receives Curran Distinguished Service Award

    Jacksonville Area Legal Aid staff attorney Lynn Drysdale received the 2016 Jane Elizabeth Curran Distinguished Service Award for achieving impactful results for thousands of clients affected by predatory lending and other unethical, illegal and unscrupulous practices, for protecting the rights of homeowners, and for providing testimony to legislative and other

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    Legal services attorneys named to Florida Legal Elite

    Each year, Florida Trend invites members of The Florida Bar to name the best attorneys in the state by practice area. This year, 1,444 lawyers were selected by their peers for the Florida Legal Elite 2016. Eight of the 65 Government and Non-Profit lawyers selected for this year’s Legal Elite

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