2015-16 Foundation officers, directors begin terms

July 2015

The Florida Bar Foundation is pleased to announce its 2015-16 officers and directors, who took office July 1. Click on their names to read more about the Foundation’s officers, newly appointed directors and reappointed directors. A complete list of board members is available at the link below.

2015-16 Foundation officers:

Dominic “Donny” C. MacKenzie, president

Matthew G. Brenner, president-elect

Jewel White, first vice president

David Rothman, second vice president

Honorable Emerson Thompson Jr., immediate past president

Newly appointed Foundation directors:

(Designated Directors)

Judge Edwin A. Scales III, Third District Court of Appeal

William J. Schifino, president-elect of The Florida Bar

Diana L. Martin, president of Florida Legal Services

(Terms expiring 2018)

George Knox

David Manz

(Term expiring 2017)

Murray Silverstein

(Public member)

Carlos Halley

Reappointed directors:

(Terms expiring 2018)

Judge James M. Barton II

Gregory P. Brown

Stephen R. Senn

Judge Suzanne Van Wyk

(Public members)

Thomas R. Oldt

Connie Bookman

Mary Gardiner Evertz

View the entire listing of the Foundation’s directors and officers