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2016-17 General Support Grants

The Foundation’s Legal Assistance for the Poor (LAP) Grant Program, supported primarily by IOTA funds, provides general support and special purpose grants to a network of organizations providing free civil legal services to the poor. Together, this network provides basic access to the justice system for low-income individuals and families residing in every Florida county. LAP grants also support legal assistance for specific client services and to specific client groups. Listed below are the Foundation’s 28 LAP general support grantees for 2016-17. Florida Legal Services, a statewide program headquartered in Tallahassee, receives multiple grants. One is for the whole program, while the others are for the Migrant Farmworker Justice (MFJ) Project, based in Lake Worth, and the Florida Institutional Legal Services (FILS) Project, based in Newberry. Florida Rural Legal Services also receives a separate grant for its migrant program, and Bay Area Legal Services receives a grant for the statewide Senior Legal Helpline. In all, entities received 5,731,965 in general support grants in 2016-17.

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Grants approved at the Foundation’s Dec. 2016 board of directors meeting.
This page was last updated Dec. 7, 2016