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Financial Stewardship

An Organization You Can Trust

In 2014-2015, the Foundation spent more than 75 percent of its total expenses on charitable activities. Management and general and fundraising expenses represented 24.4 percent of the Foundation’s total expenses. Of the $8,701,053 in grants and related activities, $8,383,053 (96 percent) was expended on Legal Assistance for the Poor and $318,000 (4%) was expended on Improvements in the Administration of Justice grants.

Financial Documents

Consolidated Financial Statements of The Florida Bar Foundation and The Florida Bar Foundation Endowment Trust for the Year Ended June 30, 2016*

The Florida Bar Foundation FY 2016 IRS Form 990

The Florida Bar Foundation Endowment Trust FY 2016 IRS Form 990

* The consolidated financial statements are presented for convenience and information purposes only and should not be relied upon. A copy of the printed consolidated financial statements will be provided upon request.

Revenue from Florida’s Interest on Trust

Accounts (IOTA) Program

With the advent of the global recession, the U.S. Federal Reserve instituted a monetary policy that has held the Federal funds rate near zero for several years. This has had a devastating impact on revenue from Florida’s Interest on Trust Accounts Program, The Florida Bar Foundation’s primary source of revenue. This chart shows IOTA revenue in millions since the 2007-08 fiscal year.

Foundation Investments

Foundation funds are invested by professional investment managers under policies approved by the board of directors. The investment policies are developed with assistance from outside consultants who also work with the Foundation’s investment committee and board to evaluate investment managers’ performance.

Thank Your Banker

September 1981 marked implementation by the Florida Supreme Court of the country’s first IOTA Program and the beginning of an important source of support for civil legal assistance to the poor– projects to improve Florida’s justice system and programs to promote public service by law students. While we often mark that milestone and thank those responsible, we don’t publicly recognize often enough Florida’s banking community. IOTA works because of the support and cooperation of Florida banks, from the superb bank staff who make sure monthly remittance information and interest gets to the Foundation, to the teams who worked so closely with the Foundation to implement the interest rate comparability rule, to the leaders of the Florida Bankers Association who step up to the plate and help IOTA achieve its full potential. The Foundation, its grantees and those they serve are very grateful for the successful partnership between the legal and banking communities that is Florida’s IOTA Program.