Equal Justice: The Indispensable Role of Legal Services

Speakers include Legal Services Corporation President James J. Sandman; Voices for Civil Justice Executive Director Martha Bergmark, Director of the Michigan Legal Help Program Angela Tripp and Florida Justice Technology Center Executive Director Joyce Raby. Moderated by Florida Bar Foundation President Juliette E. Lippman, BA ’90, George Washington University.

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There is a crisis in funding for civil legal aid. Without legal aid, veterans who have been denied benefits, domestic abuse survivors, families facing foreclosure or eviction – they have nowhere else to turn. It is estimated that one in every six Americans is eligible for legal aid. Yet, just 1/10,000th of our $4 trillion federal budget is allocated for legal services for the poor. Simple math shows that millions of Americans who need legal aid aren’t able to get it.
Our panel will discuss the current state of legal aid and its funding; how innovation and technology can bridge the gap; and how partnerships and collaboration can engage various communities in efforts to support legal aid.