Florida Pro Bono Matters Chatbot FAQ

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is an automated system that answers questions via text. The more it is interacted with, the more the chatbot learns. The Florida Pro Bono Matters Chatbot can log your preferences, search available pro bono cases, send text notifications when a new case matches your preferences and answer questions.

What are my Florida Pro Bono Matters preferences?

Your preferences include your name, bar number, the geographic area you’d like to practice in, and the areas of law for which you’d like to volunteer your time as a pro bono lawyer. Once you text back the answers to these four simple questions, your preferences are logged, and we’ll text you when a new case that matches your criteria is posted.

How do I set my preferences?

Text “Hi” or “set preferences” to 407-988-2970. TIP: Add the Florida Pro Bono Matters Chatbot to your contacts. The chatbot will text back four simple questions – your name, your bar number, your location, and the areas of law for which you’d like to provide pro bono services.

How do I sign up to receive text notifications when a pro bono case matches my preferences?

Simply set your preferences, and you’ll receive a text when a new case matches your criteria.

How often will you text me?

Florida Pro Bono Matters will only text you when a new pro bono matter matches your profile. Texts are only sent between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. EST. We will never sell or share your phone number, or send spam or texts that don’t relate to a pro bono matter.

How do I change my preferences?

Text “set preferences” to 407-988-2970. Your answers to the questions will overwrite your previous answers.

How do I unsubscribe?

Text “deactivate my preferences” to 407-988-2970.

Can I search for cases by text?

Sure! Even if you haven’t set your preferences yet, you can text the location or case type that interests you, and you’ll receive a text about available cases. The chatbot will show you a case, then you can ask for more info, take the case, or ask to see another case.

What happens after I text back that I want to sign up for the case?

The chatbot will text you a link to submit an interest form for the case. When you click the link, it will take you to the “case card” online. Click “Interested?” to fill out the interest form. After the legal aid program that posted the case receives your form, they will reach out to you. You may not be the only lawyer to volunteer for a case, so come back and try again if the case is taken by someone else!


What if I have a question when texting with the chatbot?

Text “Help”, and the Florida Pro Bono Matters Chatbot will ask you a few preliminary questions and try to solve your issue.

I need more help. Who can I talk to?

If the chatbot cannot troubleshoot your issue, it will notify Foundation staff, who will contact you as soon as possible.

If you need additional assistance, please contact Claud Nelson, Pro Bono Program Officer, at (407) 960-7000, or cbnelson@flabarfndn.org.

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