Via Email Transmission

July 11, 2016


To:Florida Bar Foundation General Support Grantee Organizations:

Executive Directors/CEOs and Board Chairs

From:Bruce B. Blackwell, CEO/Executive Director
Re:The Foundation’s Strategic Reset – August 2016: Save the Date for Meetings

This is a follow-up to our July 1, 2016 memo where we advised you all about the Florida Bar Foundation’s new strategic reset approved by our Board at its June 16, 2016 meeting.  As a reminder, the Foundation’s Board voted unanimously:

RESOLVED, The Florida Bar Foundation should execute a “strategic reset” and establish itself as not only a source of funds and expertise, but as a strategic leader and catalyst in the cause of increased access to justice for all. Its primary goal in the immediate future should be to serve as an agent of rapid, effective and high impact change.


Save the Date – FBF Meetings Begin in August

As we promised in our earlier memo, Foundation staff and Board members will hold meetings with grantees to discuss what the strategic reset means.  The first presentation for our entire grantee community will be held on Tuesday, August 9, 2014 at 4pm by webinar.  We strongly encourage you to attend the webinar so that you will feel informed and prepared for our one-on-one meetings.  The webinar will be recorded and will be posted on the Foundation’s website for the public to access. Our one-on-one in-person meetings with leadership at grantee organizations will begin on August 10, 2016.


Please mark your calendar with this information:


Date:Tuesday, August 9, 2016 at 4pm (EST)
Location:Webinar – details to follow from the Foundation
Invited Grantee Attendees:Executive Directors (or staff designeee) and Board Chairs
Foundation Host:Bruce B. Blackwell – CEO/Executive Director



One-on-One In-Person Grantee Meetings: Mandatory

Because we will be discussing important information at these meetings, the one-on-ones are mandatory for each grantee organization. Our in-person meetings with each FBF-funded grantee organization begin on Wednesday, August 10, 2016.  We will hold these meetings in 6 major cities across the state at neutral and convenient locations like local law schools or law firms.  Your staff has imporant client work to do – we don’t want to disrupt that with an on-site funder visit and we don’t want to burden them with logistics coordination.  In the coming week we will survey for preferred meeting time slots and names of attendees. We will announce the meeting dates, times, and locations as soon as that information is finalized.


Who Is Expected to Meet

A Foundation team consisting of: me (Bruce Blackwell), 1-2 Foundation board members, and 2-3 Foundation team members will meet with you, your organization’s Board chair (or his/her designee) and another board leader of your choice, and up to 3 members of your management team.  The meetings will last about an hour to 90 minutes to discuss what the Foundation’s strategic reset means to the Foundation, your organization, and the delivery system.


Dates:August 10 – September 9, 2016
Invited Grantee Attendees:Executive Directors, Management Team Members, Board Chair & Other Board Leadership
Foundation Team:Bruce B. Blackwell, 2-3 FBF Team Members, 1-2 FBF Board Members
Meeting Length:60-90 minutes


Please be on the lookout for and timely respond to emails from our Executive Assistant, Jessica McCabe, over the next few weeks.



cc:Matt Brenner, PresidentMelissa Moss, Deputy Director/Strategic Initiatives
Jewel White, President-ElectLou Ann Powell, Deputy Director/CFO
David Rothman, First Vice PresidentJennifer Wimberly, Director of Grants
Juliette Lippman, Second Vice PresidentEricka Garcia, Director of Pro Bono Partnerships
Donny MacKenzie, Immediate Past PresidentNancy Kinnally, Director of Communications