Message from the President

matthew brenner presidentAt its June 16th meeting, the Foundation’s board passed a resolution to position itself as “a strategic leader and catalyst in the cause of increased access to justice for all” with the primary goal of serving as “an agent of rapid, effective and high-impact change.” The board also established a Strategic Planning Committee to ensure discussion about the progress on strategic goals and initiatives at every board meeting and to confirm that these efforts are consistent with the Foundation’s mission. The results will likely include changes to some of our grant-making policies and grant programs. As the Foundation embarks on this “strategic reset,” it is committed to proactive and open engagement with its grantees on all issues, including the use and allocation of the Bank of America settlement funds the Foundation received in April. The Foundation will share information and collect feedback via webinars, face-to-face meetings, e-mail and our website and will also work to keep other key stakeholders informed, as we recognize that partnerships and collaboration are critical to developing solutions. The Foundation is fully committed to transparency and accountability, and we welcome your questions, your input and your support. Finally, thanks to all sponsors and attendees at the Foundation’s 40th Annual Reception and Dinner, and congratulations to all of the deserving award winners. It was a special and successful event and we look forward to the 41st!