Message from the President – Spring 2021


If you support the mission of The Florida Bar Foundation (and if you are reading this, you probably do), then please consider partnering with us in one of many gratifying ways that can make a difference.

Because interest rates continue to be at all-time low levels, funds from the Interest on Lawyers Trust Account (IOTA), which are used to make grants, are also low. Donations from the public remain an incredibly important source of funding for the Foundation.


Steve Senn

If you’ve ever made a donation to the Foundation, you’re already on track to join one of our giving societies. Once your lifetime giving exceeds $2,000, you become a member of our Bronze Society. See all of our giving society members starting on page 11.

If you haven’t given before, an easy way to start is by becoming a Foundation Fellow and pledging $1,000, which can be paid at once or over five years at $200 a year (or 10 years if you are a young, government or nonprofit lawyer). See our newest Fellows listed on page 15.

Another way to financially support Foundation efforts is by joining The Legacy for Justice, which recognizes those who have included the Foundation in their estate planning, made a gift or pledge of more than $10,000, directed a significant cy pres award to the Foundation or facilitated a colleague’s major gift. See members on page 11.

To make a gift, visit, or contact Director of Development Michelle Fonseca, CFRE, at 407-960-7000.

Supporters of the Foundation can also give their time or talent to bolster our work. Consider applying to serve on our board of directors. Service on the board can be fulfilling in so many ways. The Board sets policy and makes all major decisions of the Foundation. We try to reach decisions which will best serve the cause of justice for Floridians who cannot afford an attorney. Applications for board seats can be found on our website at

Civil legal aid is an essential service in our society. Without legal aid lawyers, thousands of Floridians would struggle with the complicated processes of eviction, divorce, foster care, estate planning, benefits and more. The Foundation’s grants and programs fund legal aid lawyers and promote pro bono work. But, legal aid programs turn away many clients due to lack of resources. There is simply more need than supply.

Our grantees work hard every day to help clients who have fallen on hard times, and who could have guessed how hard 2020 and beyond would be? During these perilous times, Florida’s legal aid providers continue to shine in their willingness to tackle tough cases and provide much needed legal representation.

If you know a legal aid lawyer, please take a moment to thank them. If you are a legal aid lawyer, please know how grateful we are to you and how much we admire the work you do.