Message from the President – Winter 2016

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Donny MacKenzie

Donny MacKenzie

Listed below are generous groups and inspiring individuals who have helped make The Florida Bar Foundation’s work possible over many years. Those in our Lifetime Giving Societies have made major contributions to support the Foundation’s mission of providing greater access to Justice. They include many Foundation Fellows who have taken their giving to the next level, along with Bar sections and divisions, corporate partners and others who believe in and support the important work we and our grantees do. Along the same lines, I extend my deepest gratitude to our own Bruce Blackwell, who not only is a member of our Gold Society and our Legacy for Justice, but who also is the worthy recipient of the 2016 Tobias Simon Award, The Florida Bar’s highest public service honor. Bruce has given so much — in time, treasure and talent — over so many years, and we are extremely fortunate to have him as our executive director and by our side as we help in the effort to increase and ultimately ensure equal access to justice.


Lifetime Giving Societies

Recognition Levels for Lifetime Giving

$1,000,000 and up President’s Society
$500,000-999,999 Judge’s Society
$250,000- 499,999 Advocate’s Society
$100,000- 249,999 Barrister’s Society
$50,000- 99,999 Counselor’s Society
$25,000- 49,999 Platinum Society
$10,000- 24,999 Gold Society
$5,000- 9,999 Silver Society
$2,000- 4,999 Bronze Society

The Foundation is very pleased to recognize the following individuals whose total giving to the Foundation exceeds $2,000:

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last updated November 4, 2015

** denotes a Fellow of The Florida Bar Foundation

* denotes deceased