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(as of December 4, 2018)

Each individual on this list, most of them lawyers,
decided that equal justice was worth the investment.

All of them made a personal commitment to ensure that the people in our community least able to afford a lawyer are not forgotten. It’s called caring about our neighbors. It’s what these Fellows of The Florida Bar Foundation have done, it’s and what we and our grantees do every day.

If you do not see your name please contact Development Coordinator Michelle Fonseca.

*denotes deceased

1 Aaron William Aaron Coconut Grove, FL
2 Abadin Ramón A. Abadin Coral Gables, FL
3 Abate Anthony J. Abate Sarasota, FL
4 Abate Maria E. Abate Ft. Lauderdale, FL
5 Abbey David Abbey St. Petersburg, FL
6 Abbott Charles W. Abbott * Orlando, FL
7 Abbott Zascha Abbott Coral Gables, FL
8 Abel Harvey Abel Sarasota, FL
9 Abramowitz Barry Abramowitz Fort Lauderdale, FL
10 Ackerman David P. Ackerman West Palm Beach, FL