Community-Based Civil Legal Services Grants

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2018 Community-Based Civil Legal Services Grants

The Foundation’s community-based civil legal services grants fund the provision of civil legal services in one or more substantive legal area and through a full range of legal strategies (direct representation, administrative and policy advocacy, community lawyering, legislative advocacy, etc.) to low-income Floridians. The Foundation’s grants also support improvements in the administration of justice with measurable impact in the broader context of the justice system, including projects that:


    • Enhance civil legal services through innovative and cost-effective means;
    • Provide direct civil legal services either to groups of clients currently underserved by legal aid providers, or in an area of representation (whether substantive or geographical) that cannot be or is not effectively served by individual qualified civil legal aid providers;
    • Improve the operation and management of the court and justice systems;
    • Public education and understanding about the law, including law related education;
    • Innovative and transformative pro bono projects; or
    • Otherwise promote the improvement of the administration of justice.