Law School Civil Legal Clinic Grants

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Law School Civil Legal Clinic Grants

Law school clinical programs play an integral role in providing essential legal assistance to low-income Floridians. Funded clinics will

  • Involve law students in the provision of community-based civil legal assistance with a focus on economic development in impoverished local communities;
  • Provide an in-depth educational experience in representing the poor and working with individual clients and client groups in civil matters; and
  • Encourage law students to pursue public interest careers representing the poor and/or promote a commitment to pro bono representation of the poor.

Grant Cycle

Applications are available in April and due in May. Grants are awarded in June. The grant period is one year and begins July 15.

Grant Eligibility

This program funds qualifying law school clinics with a primary focus on improving community economic development. All Florida law schools are encouraged to apply.