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Law school clinical programs play an integral role in providing essential legal assistance to low-income Floridians. Funded clinics will

  • Involve law students in the provision of community-based civil legal assistance with a focus on economic development in impoverished local communities;
  • Provide an in-depth educational experience in representing the poor and working with individual clients and client groups in civil matters; and
  • Encourage law students to pursue public interest careers representing the poor and/or promote a commitment to pro bono representation of the poor.

Grant Amount

Grant amounts vary.

Grant Cycle

Applications are available in April and due in May. Grants are awarded in June. The grant period is one year and begins July 15.

The COVID-19 pandemic necessitated that the Foundation take a critical look at its grant funding to address the reality that some funding will need to be re-routed to areas of law that will be increasing due to the effects of the pandemic. In response to this, the Foundation has made the decision to abate the Law School Civil Clinic Grant Program for the 2020-21 grant period. This funding will instead be utilized for COVID-19 response.

Grant Eligibility

This program funds qualifying law school clinics with a primary focus on improving community economic development. All Florida law schools are encouraged to apply. Applicants must: 

  • be a provisionally or fully-accredited Florida law school; 
  • be exempt from tax and qualified to receive charitable donations within the meaning of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code; 
  • have a law school civil clinic staffed by at least one full-time professor who is an attorney licensed to practice in Florida; 
  • work with local civil legal services programs and local pro bono attorneys to enhance the civil clinic experience for the law students. 
  • register at:

Additional eligibility requirements are included in the application. 

Grant Funding

Funding for these grants comes from IOTA funds.

Grants Awarded

Visit our Grant Database to view current and past grantees.