Pro Bono Transformation and Innovation Grants

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The purpose of the Pro Bono Transformation and Innovation Grants is to develop and enhance pro bono programs that serve low-income Floridians to improve the reach, quality, and effectiveness of the services clients receive. The Foundation provides grants for efforts that are:

  • Innovative (new approaches or the adaptation of existing, successful approaches) and replicable (the innovation, if successful, could likely be implemented by other legal aid programs); or
  • Seeking to replicate successful and effective pro bono models.

Grant Amount

Funds for these grants are awarded in two categories:

  • $25,000 Innovation Grants that focus on innovations serving unmet and well-defined client needs
  • $100,000 Transformation Grants for building comprehensive and effective pro bono systems through new applications of existing best practices

Grant Cycle

Requests for letters of intent go out in November and LOIs are due back in December. Applicants are invited to submit full applications in January that are due in February. Decisions are made in March, with the grant period beginning April 1 each year.

Grant Eligibility

Applicants must be current Foundation grantees and must have submitted a Letter of Intent to apply for funding. Applicants must be invited by the Foundation to submit a full application.

Any organization that wishes to apply for future grant funding from the Foundation must also register at:

Grant Funding

This grant is funded by the Foundation on an annual basis in accordance with the Foundation’s grant allocation for the corresponding year which may be culled from all available sources including existing reserves, restricted donations, Endowment contributions, unspent or returned funds, past investment earnings and other funds which may become available.

This grant may also be funded in part by IOTA funds collected pursuant to Rule 5.1-1(g), rules regulating The Florida Bar.

Grants Awarded

Visit our Grant Database to view current and past grantees.