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Medal of Honor Award for a Lawyer

The Florida Bar Foundation Medal of Honor Award for a lawyer is presented each year to a member of The Florida Bar who has demonstrated his or her dedication to the objectives of The Florida Bar as set out in the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar: “…to inculcate in its members the principles of duty and service to the public, to improve the administration of justice, and to advance the science of jurisprudence.” The Medal of Honor Award is the highest award that can be bestowed by the Foundation.

Medal of Honor Award – Lawyer

wdt_IDYearRecipientAchievementNews Release
12018Howard TalenfeldFor his 40 years of extraordinary service and devotion to Floridians through his pioneering leadership as founder of Florida’s Children First, his indefatigable work to protect the legal rights of children and adults with disabilities, and his zealous advocacy that led to an improved child welfare system.https://thefloridabarfoundation.org/howard-talenfeld-to-receive-the-florida-bar-foundations-2018-medal-of-honor-award-for-a-lawyer/
22017John F. Harkness, Jr.For his 37 years of groundbreaking leadership of one of the largest and most successful state Bar’s in the nation, his wise counsel to 37 Florida Bar presidents, and his unflagging support of The Florida Bar Foundation and the cause of access to justice.https://thefloridabarfoundation.org/john-f-harkness-jr-receive-florida-bar-foundations-2017-medal-honor-award-lawyer/
32016Kathleen Schin McLeroyFor her innovative ideas to increase IOTA revenue, her successful efforts to preserve county funding for legal aid, her leadership of organizations supporting pro bono at the national, state and local level, as well as more than 20 years of direct services to pro bono clients.https://thefloridabarfoundation.org/tampa-attorney-kathleen-schin-mcleroy-receives-florida-bar-foundations-2016-medal-honor-award
42015William A. Van Nortwick, Jr.For his decades in leadership of virtually every statewide organization and committee involving pro bono and legal services in Florida, for leading the One Campaign to promote pro bono work throughout the state, and for serving as a role model for other judges and lawyers, inspiring greater volunteer participation through his example.http://thefloridabarfoundation.org/?p=4303
52014Bob ButterworthFor his effective enforcement of victim and consumer protection, environmental, civil rights and anti-trust laws as Florida's longest-serving Attorney General, his noteworthy accomplishments in expanding open government in Florida, and his willingness and capacity to assume difficult jobs when it was crucial to the public good to do so.http://thefloridabarfoundation.org/?p=2164
62013Robert C. JosefsbergFor his half century of counsel to governors, judges and clients ranging from a rock star to the poorest of the poor; his dedicated pro bono service to individual clients, as well as legal services and other charitable and community organizations; and his longstanding advocacy for civility in the legal profession.http://thefloridabarfoundation.org/?p=2543
72012Henry M. Coxe, IIIFor his pro bono work, fundraising for legal aid, and leadership of the organized Bar.http://thefloridabarfoundation.org/?p=2611
82011Bruce B. BlackwellFor his professional leadership, both by example and through service to the organized Bar; for his work to secure funding for legal aid locally, statewide and nationally; and for his extensive history of handling the most difficult pro bono cases, often going well beyond providing legal help to become a transformative force in his clients’ lives.http://thefloridabarfoundation.org/?p=2667
92010Joseph P. MiltonFor his leadership in promoting professionalism and ethics to his fellow attorneys through his extensive service to the bar and by setting the highest example in his own law practice.http://thefloridabarfoundation.org/?p=2771
102009Sylvia H. WalboltFor her 45 years of providing free legal services to clients ranging from Guantanamo detainees to a St. Petersburg organization that feeds the hungry.http://thefloridabarfoundation.org/?p=2822

Medal of Honor Award for a Non-Lawyer

The Florida Bar Foundation Medal of Honor Award for a non-lawyer is presented to a person not actively engaged in the practice of law who has made an outstanding contribution to the improvement in the administration of justice through research, writing, or other deeds of such character and quality that, in the judgment of the Foundation, warrant the highest award that can be bestowed by the Foundation.