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Each year the Foundation makes annual grants to programs for the general support of the provision of free legal assistance to eligible clients within the service areas of the programs. The general support grants comprise a very substantial portion of the funds made available by the Foundation for the provision of legal assistance for the poor.

Historically, these grants have been awarded annually since 1980. The general support grants are currently provided to a network of approximately 30 programs for general civil legal representation and specialized legal representation, including services to the mentally ill, children, prisoners, immigrants and the developmentally disabled. The grants support services provided by federally funded programs, bar-sponsored programs, large staff (over 20 attorneys) programs, small staff (one or two attorneys) programs, pro bono programs, single county programs, multiple county programs, statewide programs, etc. The Legal Assistance for the Poor program funds a comprehensive civil legal assistance system whereby eligible residents of every county in Florida are provided access to legal representation.

To ensure that the eligible residents of each county are treated fairly with respect to the access provided by LAP funds, the Foundation distributes general support grants to local and regional programs on the basis of the number of poor people in each region under Florida’s legal services plan. Several statewide programs are funded on a non-per capita basis.

The general support grants are on a calendar basis. Applications are available in September. Funding decisions are made at the December meetings of the Foundation’s committees and board of directors.

Current General Support Grants