Strategic Reset

At its June 16 meeting, The Florida Bar Foundation board of directors voted unanimously to approve the following resolution:

RESOLVED, The Florida Bar Foundation should execute a “strategic reset” and establish itself as not only a source of funds and expertise, but as a strategic leader and catalyst in the cause of increased access to justice for all. Its primary goal in the immediate future should be to serve as an agent of rapid, effective and high-impact change.

Documents and updates related to the strategic reset will be posted to this page on an ongoing basis as soon as information becomes available.

July 1 Memo Re: Strategic Reset

July 11 Memo Re: Save the Date for Grantee Meetings

July 21 Memo Re: Grantee Meetings

Script and audio from August 9 Florida Bar Foundation strategic reset webinar

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Reference Materials

Bonnie Allen Memo from September 2014 (PDF)

PowerPoint on the Allen Memo (PDF)

Bonnie Allen Strengths Opportunities Challenges and Success Stories Report (PDF)